Daddy Do Rags
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Combat The Stinky Stuff!
Are you tired of smelling dirty diapers?
Then you need the Daddy Do Rags!
Simply put the Daddy Do Rags around your head and a gentle scent will flow through your nose and you'll never have to smell dirty diapers, or any stinky thing again.
The Daddy Do Rags are machine washable, re-fillable and will last a life-time. It makes the perfect gift for that new father, grandfather or uncle.
This was the best gift for my husband. We're first time parents and it's the only way I can get him to change baby diapers.  Brittany, from Conneticut
They work! They really work. I got some for my brother-in-law and he uses it all the time.  Cindy, from Wisconsin
I got it as a gag gift for my brother. But he tried it and now he'll change the dirty diapers. He can't smell a thing!   Audrey, from California
I bought one for my son to use when he cleans up after his dog. He wears it every time.  Jan, from Arizona
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